Make Your own Custom-Made Free application packages with NINITE

31 10 2009

Anyone who has ever installed a computer knows how annoying it is to install the must have software, such as a Browser, IM, Media Player etc.

Many people carry around there software on a thumbdrive,

But how is it possible to keep the program on a thumb drive up to date?

Well luckily there’s a website with intention of solving this issue,

At you are presented with a list of applications all up-to-date

from various categories such as Media, Security, Office etc. to choose from, App list

After making the selection you are offered to download single .EXE file to download and install all of the applications automatically at one go,

Ninite (formerly called Volery) explains:

“All we do is install apps with default settings and
say “no” to browser toolbars and other junk…”

And most important it’s completely FREE! for personal use!




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