Think a process is stuck? Think again

18 06 2010

Sometimes when we run an application and we ask it to do something nothing happens or changes on-screen,

How can we know if an application is actually doing something and that it isn’t plainly stuck or frozen?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some sort of indicator as to the application’s activity?

Well, a good way I learned to view an application’s activity is using the windows built-in Task Manager,

To do that we will need to open the Task Manager, you can do that by right clicking on windows task bar and choosing “Task Manager”

Next, we go to “Processes” tab and click on “View” button at the top, we then choose “Select Columns…” we will be presented with a selection screen of various processes information available for us to view in the processes tab,

Check the “I/O Reads” and “I/O Writes” and click OK,

Now it’s possible to see if any In (that’s what the “I” stands for in I/O) or Out activity is going on and two new columns will be added and named respectively, the figures show us how many operations a specific process wrote or read and includes file (Hard Drive) and network (the internet or lan) operations.

That way we able to decide if a process might be doing anything before we end it,

To learn more about windows built-in Task Manager head over to Microsoft’s technet article:

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