Quick Solution when Citrix XenApp Rollup 6 or Installation hangs during update

11 10 2010

Hi Again!

Before i explain my solution, Citrix has posted a solution that is more complex than what i offer here,

the CTX articles are:

http://support. Citrix.com/article/CTX114691

refer to Shawn bass’  great explanation of this issue:


which led Citrix to create a special MST (MSI Transform file)


This also happened in our environment, the installation stalled and hung, i ran it using msiexec logging and thanks to Shawn’s excellent i had an idea, which eventually made it all much more simpler

I thought “Well, if the problem is the timeout when resolving the SID of “networkservice” account maybe i can time it out…”

I connected  to the using serial port (HP ILO) and.. wait for it..

Disconnected the network cable while it was hung,

I guess that timed out the SID resolve for “networkservice” account and the installation continued successfully,

I have a full verbose log of the successful installation, but i guess you’re more interested in the part that stuck and then continued,

key_component=C:\Program Files\Citrix\System32\CitrixLogServer.dll component_tlb=C:\Program Files\Citrix\System32\CitrixLogServer.tlb component_psdll= component_install_state=3 component_action_state=3key_role=__all role_install_state=3 role_action_state=3 key_user=networkserviceuser_domain=nt authoritykey_property=Identityproperty_value=nt authority\networkserviceproperty_type_value=6

***this where it hangs, you can’t see it but it was 20 minutes of thinking, surfing & reading about this problem before the next line ;-) **

Property(S): CTX_CDF_MM_ProtectCAT.D4E6CDE7_FAC1_458B_8935_048A9A1DB4A4 = C:\Program Files\Common Files\Citrix\System32\cdfdrv.cat

Looking forward to hear if there’s anything i could have and hearing your experiences with this solution,

Oh and before i forget Thanks Shawn!





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