Finding out the registry changes for customizing group policy on a terminal server

12 11 2010

As a Citrix Administrator i find myself more often in need of customizing the user interface some users get on our XenApp servers, let’s say for example that i want to remove IE7 “protected mode is currently turned off..” notification, well, even after googling this i could find not the exact GPO or GPP in charge of this setting,

That’s where good ol’ Process Monitor from SysInternals Suite comes in…

In Procmon i choose to filter the Internet Explorer PID and i also filter Operation of kind “RegSetValue” then by going to the internet explorer and interacting with the GUI and choosing something like “Don’t show this message again” and choosing it we can see procmon “sniping” the exact key that changed in the registry and the value that was set to reflect the change.

Later i’ve gone and set up the following GPP to apply this change on a per user base,

I feel that this is a good skill to know if you’re going to be dealing with customizing users environment when they are in your territory – the terminal server, and this technique can applied to many scenarios the involve modeling the terminal server environment.





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26 08 2011

Really excellent post – thanks very much!

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