Quickly locate what went wrong in CCMSETUP when troubleshooting SCCM Client installation issues

6 08 2012

When CCMSETUP is run it usually creates a folder with logs and source files under these locations:

32bit OS:


64bit OS:


the folder contains the following main logs:

ccmsetup.log – this log focuses on CCMSETUP install operations

client.msi.log – this log contains post CCMSETUP install operations

KB(number).log – this log contains info on required BITS patch operations

I use trace32 (i think i developed OCD for trace32) to view the logs (SCCM2007), notice that in SCCM2012 the trace utility changed to CCMTRACE.

when ever i have a problem with installing the client that i need to troubleshoot i lookup in client.msi.log for this string:

“Value 3”

this will find the check operation that didn’t validate thus failing the install operation,

if i don’t find it i continue to go through the log.