New WIndows Update Client Patch KB3050265 June 2015 Can save you from valuable memory issues on Client Computers & Servers

18 06 2015

This patch solves a very big issue where a scan for updates causes svchost.exe with wuauserv service take a lot of machine memory in the form of private working set,

Without this patch I observed on a windows 7 client the memory usage of svchost go from 250 (megs) to 1.3 (gigs) and when it’s done scanning the memory wasn’t freed in it’s entirety.

If you calculate the frequency of scans for updates and the amount of servers / workstation / VMs all together you will find that this patch can save a whole lot of precious resources.

Check it out here:


Powershell Script and web query – Lenovo Think Model Name (ex. 20AMxxx) to Family (ex. X240)

13 02 2014

Tiny bit of background info about this Lenovo challenge:
Model is the long number reported to the OS (ex. 2324) and Family is the product / family / generation name (ex. X230) which really what I work with in my workplace, i needed to have a an easy way of querying Lenovo website to get the Family based on the Type / Model.


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Check Services, Ping, Specific port for a group of servers, configurable by CSV, new version with menu

30 07 2013
I updated the file and have added functionality:
– NEW: A menu pop and asks which farm to check (Sets of servers), automatically populates from farms in CSV, menu includes option to check all farms*, now it’s easier to keep one CSV file for all your farms / sets of servers.
*add a farm “All” and keep that line empty in csv.
– NEW: UNC check (with new CSV role “UNC”)
– NEW: DNS Check (very basic without overloading)
– NEW: Check services by name and IP
– NEW: The script has been made compatible to Powershell 2.0
– FIX: The script can be run from right click “run with powershell”

Check Services, Ping, Specific port for a group of servers, configurable by CSV and scalable and all with powershell

26 06 2013
Hi, there are some checks that are needed on a regular basis and doing them often requires me a tedious routine of remoting to each server just to view that a service is running, so I whipped up the following script to check the basic availability of a group of Servers, Where for each server the script can check services, telnet to specific ports and can be expanded to test additional items (by role for example),
I applied it to a XenApp environment and so I have the edgesight, Data Controllers, XML brokers, PVS provisioning servers, SQL, Web Interface, Appsense, NLB Virtual IPs etc., i didn’t need to test the actual XenApp worker servers, but i could just add lines to the CSV and have them tested.
And you could easily adjust it to a farm of web application servers just by editing the CSV file.
The script is configurable with a CSV file that holds parameters for the process.
Functions from: Jason Poyner
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Returning after a long break from blogging

24 07 2012

A huge Welcome back goes out to me, yes, that’s right, i’ve decided to dedicate more time to writing after a long time that I was away from this blog due to being occupied in different projects, life, family etc., I have many neat shortcuts and tips I want to write about so hopefully you’ll be seeing more posts from me in the upcoming weeks,

Properly Streaming a Java or JNLP Application with Citrix XenApp

26 11 2010

I’m so excited, i’ve just found a cool way to reduce application loading time in XenApp Streaming Application Package for Java based applications, using my way i was able to shave of 3 minutes(!) that it usually takes to get to the login screen of the application (after beginning the streaming on the XenApp server) and after Extracting the .CAB file to the Rade cache directory,
This is so cool, i’m checking this out and will report as soon as i test it a little more.

Make Your own Custom-Made Free application packages with NINITE

31 10 2009

Anyone who has ever installed a computer knows how annoying it is to install the must have software, such as a Browser, IM, Media Player etc.

Many people carry around there software on a thumbdrive,

But how is it possible to keep the program on a thumb drive up to date?

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