How to disable Kerberos to test NTLM

24 07 2012

So today I encountered an issue where i wanted to mimic the behavior of a server 2003 in an un-trusted forest to which i had no physical access to, The issue was that I was trying to take advantage of the NTLM Passthrough  authentication like described here:

And it was successful for some of the authentication requests from a winPE 3 based task sequence, At some point during the task sequence I received what looked like an innocent error in from the task sequence, something about that the task sequence couldn’t find the WIM image during the “Apply OS Image” step, when i looked in the server 2003 BDP event viewer i saw an event for “Unknown User Name or Bad Password” and i know the password is correct because that same task sequence run daily in the organization i work in,

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Returning after a long break from blogging

24 07 2012

A huge Welcome back goes out to me, yes, that’s right, i’ve decided to dedicate more time to writing after a long time that I was away from this blog due to being occupied in different projects, life, family etc., I have many neat shortcuts and tips I want to write about so hopefully you’ll be seeing more posts from me in the upcoming weeks,

Properly Streaming a Java or JNLP Application with Citrix XenApp

26 11 2010

I’m so excited, i’ve just found a cool way to reduce application loading time in XenApp Streaming Application Package for Java based applications, using my way i was able to shave of 3 minutes(!) that it usually takes to get to the login screen of the application (after beginning the streaming on the XenApp server) and after Extracting the .CAB file to the Rade cache directory,
This is so cool, i’m checking this out and will report as soon as i test it a little more.

How to Drain Users on Citrix XenApp on Windows Server 2003 or 2008..the easier way

16 11 2010


Just stumbled on a citrix KB suggesting a way to drain users’ sessions from a XenApp Server,

The article is found here:

And offers creating a load evaluator with “Citrix User Load” rule and set it to 1,

Why not use the following Load Evaluator technique? Read the rest of this entry »

Finding out the registry changes for customizing group policy on a terminal server

12 11 2010

As a Citrix Administrator i find myself more often in need of customizing the user interface some users get on our XenApp servers, let’s say for example that i want to remove IE7 “protected mode is currently turned off..” notification, well, even after googling this i could find not the exact GPO or GPP in charge of this setting,

That’s where good ol’ Process Monitor from SysInternals Suite comes in…

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Quick Solution when Citrix XenApp Rollup 6 or Installation hangs during update

11 10 2010

Hi Again!

Before i explain my solution, Citrix has posted a solution that is more complex than what i offer here,

the CTX articles are:


refer to Shawn bass’  great explanation of this issue:

which led Citrix to create a special MST (MSI Transform file)

This also happened in our environment, the installation stalled and hung, i ran it using msiexec logging and thanks to Shawn’s excellent i had an idea, which eventually made it all much more simpler Read the rest of this entry »

Using Aladdin eToken from inside a virtual machine (VirtualBox etc.)

19 06 2010


I’m a real fan of VirtualBox and i use version 3.2.4 on my windows 7 ultimate 64bit,

Today i tried using a usb etoken from Aladdin on my windows XP pro guest and to my surprise it didn’t work,

i looked all over the documentation and tried to filter my usb token, i tried what not and it refused to work,

when performing the command “VBoxManage list usbhost”  i could see all my other usb devices like my usb printer, usb drive etc. and in the filter screen i was offered to filter everything usb But not the etoken,

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Think a process is stuck? Think again

18 06 2010

Sometimes when we run an application and we ask it to do something nothing happens or changes on-screen,

How can we know if an application is actually doing something and that it isn’t plainly stuck or frozen?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we had some sort of indicator as to the application’s activity?

Well, a good way I learned to view an application’s activity is using the windows built-in Task Manager,

To do that we will need to open the Task Manager, you can do that by right clicking on windows task bar and choosing “Task Manager”

Next, we go to “Processes” tab and click on “View” button at the top, we then choose “Select Columns…” we will be presented with a selection screen of various processes information available for us to view in the processes tab,

Check the “I/O Reads” and “I/O Writes” and click OK,

Now it’s possible to see if any In (that’s what the “I” stands for in I/O) or Out activity is going on and two new columns will be added and named respectively, the figures show us how many operations a specific process wrote or read and includes file (Hard Drive) and network (the internet or lan) operations.

That way we able to decide if a process might be doing anything before we end it,

To learn more about windows built-in Task Manager head over to Microsoft’s technet article:

Goodbye for now, IT.Never.Ends…

How to properly defrag in windows XP and improve performance..the better way

13 04 2010

I’m sure you’re all aware of the importance of a monthly/yearly maintenance of your hard drive,

In my experience to achieve the best performance from those fragmented hours it’d be wise to follow along the tips for a better performance of your xp machine,

You’ll notice great improvement in performance of application with large file system I/O

After all today biggest bottle-neck in achieving good performance is the speed of storage (Hard Drives)

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Take Server 2008 R2 64bit on a Joyride on windows XP 32bit

9 11 2009

Hey Again,

After much wait (Tried using MSFT new download manager..) I finally obtained a Server 2008 R2 64bit image for evaluation from Microsoft Here

The evaluation as is the commercial product is in 64 bit only and there’s no 32bit version for Server 2008 R2,

Here’s the story of how i achieved it using my computer setup and VirtualBox Read the rest of this entry »