How to properly defrag in windows XP and improve performance..the better way

13 04 2010

I’m sure you’re all aware of the importance of a monthly/yearly maintenance of your hard drive,

In my experience to achieve the best performance from those fragmented hours it’d be wise to follow along the tips for a better performance of your xp machine,

You’ll notice great improvement in performance of application with large file system I/O

After all today biggest bottle-neck in achieving good performance is the speed of storage (Hard Drives)

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Make Your own Custom-Made Free application packages with NINITE

31 10 2009

Anyone who has ever installed a computer knows how annoying it is to install the must have software, such as a Browser, IM, Media Player etc.

Many people carry around there software on a thumbdrive,

But how is it possible to keep the program on a thumb drive up to date?

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